Monday, March 13, 2006

Spurgeon Said It Best

While reading the lastest offering of Charles Spurgeon at Pyromaniacs. I was struck by how much it resonated with my own feelings and experiences.

"This generation has made a god of its own. The effeminate deity of the modern school is no more the true God than Dagon or Baal. I know him not, neither do I reverence him. But Jehovah is the true God: he is the God of love, but he is also robed in justice; he is the God of forgiveness, but he is also the God of atonement; he is the God of heaven, but he is also the God who sends the wicked down to hell. We, of course, are thought to be harsh, and narrow-minded, and bigoted: nevertheless, this God is our God for ever and ever. There has been no change in Jehovah. He has revealed himself more clearly in Christ Jesus; but he is the same God as in the Old Testament, and as such we worship him" (emphasis mine).

Mind you, this was preached in 1885.


Blogger Rileysowner said...

Spurgeon does have a way with words.

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