Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hating America, Hating Americans

A review of two books in The New York Times which describe the nature and extent of world animosity toward America, uncharacteristically annoyed me. As the global superpower, world police, pious evangelists of democracy, America can seem at times over-bearing. Jealousy, envy, and suspicions of empire are almost inevitable given the world situation. But hatred of America, and more specifically of American citizens is another matter. President Bush has certainly not helped matters with some unguarded rhetoric, the appearance of unilateral indifference, and the ongoing mess in Iraq. But Nixon's limo was stoned by the Venezuelans in the 50's, so this kind of anger at presidents is nothing new. In other words, it's not all Bush's fault. Much of the fault lies with our allies, who cravenly criticize our culture, policies, and actions, while secretly being thankful we have the courage to act.

One response to the world's hatred is to temporarily behave like other countries. Simply cut off all international aid, military protection, military intervention, etc. What would the world look like without our presence? If the world believes we are now a force for evil, then deal with your problems yourselves, and see how easy it is. Our own media has forgotten, or more accurately chosen, to ignore the fact that America is a force for good in the world - we wear the white hats. We don't conquer other nations, we don't seek empire, we don't oppress peoples, we care what happens to others not like ourselves. We have allowed the world's rhetoric to seep into our own self-consciousness. In contrast, look at the inertia of the European union, and the introversion and apathy of Japan. We foot the bill, we pay the price, while they sit in the peanut gallery and fuel the world's hatred.

We will not, of course, recede into isolationism. It isn't in our national security interests, or the interests of innocents all over the world. But it is a thought experiment that some in the world would benefit from, if they had the wit to imagine an America truly indifferent to the world and its suffering.


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Blogger anman said...

Ill be honest here. Since I like you so much. I dont like america a lot. I have nothing against americans mind you, nor do I hate them. Im engaged to one, but americans as a whole, are not a desirable race. Also, when I say americans, I mean the general populace of the USA.

The moral standing of people is no different from anywhere else, but the amount of sin that seeps out of america is astonishing. And this is what gives america its bad name. Mind you, a lot of americans are ignorant too. Walking through New York you can find a lot of people who dont even know where Australia is.

Not to mention the national system and such within america is pretty stupid. Such as putting the date setting as month/day/year. Isnt it logical to put day first? Just like the rest of the world? And having the school year start in the middle of the year? Lots of little things like this make people think that its just a hopeless place full of stupid people. Like adulterers, murderers, cultists, rapers, rappers and so on. Yeah, we all have them, unfortuantly you guys have the most of them.

And yeah... Then theres people like Bush that just throw hellium into the fire.

Personaly, Ill thank america for providing for the loving mrs. That factor alone keeps me at bay. Most of the time. And that most of the scholars that created the NIV bible came from there too. I cant stand american spelling. EIN VOLK! EIN REICH! EIN FUEHRER!

Blah blah blah

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Blogger Rileysowner said...

As a Canadian I have my problems with some aspects of America. Having said that, there are few if any other countries that provide the huge amount of foreign aid that the US does. Yes, some of their foreign policy is not what I would like to see, but overall I find that their is much more to admire about the US than one would think from what is found in the media.

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Blogger Steve said...

I'd slightly dispute that we're not seeking to expand an empire. Not politically, no. But we are seeking to export democracy. Is this good? We seem to think we have the political answer for the world, when it's degenerating right under us.

Lots more sin seeps out of America to the world only because lots more everything is exported to the world.

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