Thursday, June 22, 2006

Absolute Devotion to God - Archibald Alexander's "Convictions"

At last year's Banner of Truth Conference (2005), I received a copy of James Garretson's Princeton and Preaching: Archibald Alexander and the Christian Ministry. It is the last book from that conference I haven't read, and I am eager to read the books I purchased at this year's conference, so I am finishing this wonderful little book. Alexander was the first professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, and was a man of immense learning and deep piety. Here are several of his "convictions" which were given to his students in a lecture in 1832.

1. The strongest inducement to be entire and unreserved in devoting your hearts and lives to the service of God, is the love of Christ to you.
2. If your hearts are filled and warmed with this love of Christ, you will never be satisfied with any thing short of a complete surrender of every thing to him.
3. The terms of discipleship as laid down by Christ require you to be unreserved in the consecration of yourselves to the service of God.
4. The spirit and conduct of the Apostles and early Christians was in accordance with the principle which I am advocating.
5. You cannot in any other way so effectually promote your own happiness.
6. This absolute devotedness of spirit is the quality which will prepare you to be eminently useful {p.106, emphases mine}.

What astonishing and much needed counsel in this age of "sloppy agape" and easy believism.


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