Friday, June 09, 2006

Dialogue or Duplicity?

The RCA is about to embark on a three year dialogue concerning homosexuality in the church. This was a decision made at last year's General Synod, which cowardly stepped back from the biblical teachings regarding human sexuality, and instead chose to impose upon the denomination a sinful program whereby orthodox Christians will have to endure "listening" to stories and theological agendas which seek to overturn God's truth and replace it with human sociological/psychological nonsense and heresy. The leadership of our denomination is fooling no one. Our so-called "covenant partners," the UCC, the PCUSA, and the ELCA, have all now given homosexual ministry, marriage, and lifestyle, a permissable and legitimate place within their denominations. The RCA "dialogue" will be in fact a monologue, an instructional tool to deceive biblically ignorant, wayward and wordly sheep. The goal of the "dialogue" is to lead the RCA down the path of its covenant partners toward full inclusion of homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, etc., etc.

The large and wealthy Collegiate Churches of New York have already decided that they are not going to "dialogue." They are about to engage in the open blessing of same sex "marriages" on June 11. This according to the website Room For All, which represents the pro-gay advocates in the RCA. The Collegiate Churches, especially Middle Collegiate and Marble Collegiate, are planning Gay Pride events, and participating in celebrations of sodomy and other abominations. They will not be disciplined by the Classis of New York because they are enormously wealthy, large, and powerful, and the leadership of the Regional Synod of New York and the Classis of New York are completely sympathetic and supportive of gay inclusion in the RCA. One of the board members of Room For All is the Rev. Conrad Strauch, who pastors an RCA church in Babylon, Long Island (I am not making this up!). He has come out of the closet on the Room For All website, and serves as the Clerk for the Regional Synod of New York! He does so with obvious impunity and a sense of security. There is no dialogue, only duplicity. This is only a brazen attempt to overturn God's Word, and plunge the RCA further down the path of heresy, ungodliness, and perversion.

At last year's General Synod, Seth Kaper-Dale, a leader of the pro-gay party, was allowed to read a letter to the Synod supporting the full inclusion of gays in the RCA, with attached signatures. At yesterday's opening of this year's Synod, a letter speaking the gospel truth about human sexuality, with the attached signatures of over 700 RCA pastors, elders, and laypeople, was forbidden to be read by the leadership. No dialogue, only duplicity. No biblical faithfulness, only apostasy. No discipline, only permissiveness. No fair treatment of conservatives, only dismissal. The result will be an awful judgment against the RCA, and God's lifting of His lampstand from our church. The only antidote to this downgrade is the replacement of our leadership, beginning with our liberal, unelected General Secretary, and the restoration of orthodox theological education at our two seminaries. A church that does not exercise discipline is not a true church, according to the Belgic Confession. How much longer will we tolerate this cancer growing in our midst? It is time to take back our denomination for Christ and His Word.


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