Monday, July 24, 2006

Anglican Follies

I have not seen a movie all summer - none of them seemed worth the $9 for a ticket. There is no hockey or football to watch on television, and I don't read too many novels. So what's a guy to do for fun? Well, you can watch the never-ending, always entertaining "Anglican Follies." Yes, each week another Anglican bishop steps up to the microphone to share with the world his/her opinions on a variety of subjects - almost none of which are theological! The old joke is that being an Anglican is wonderful, as it never interferes with one's politics or religion.

I saw the next Presiding Bishoprette (Bishopress? High Priestess?) of the Episcopal Church U.S.A., the Rev. Ms. Katherine Jefferts Schori, on the CBS evening news last night. Her comments were utterly devoid of meaningful theological content. She only mentioned Christianity once, calling it "a big table" where we turn no one away (referring to homosexuals). Her goal for ECUSA was to "transform communities." Into what, she did not allude.

Ms. Schori, however, is a dullard in comparison to such flamboyant personalities as the Bishop of New Hampshire (now out of rehab), the Archiebishop of Canterbury, comedian Bishop John Spong (see above photo), and today's exhibitionist, the Bishop of London, who according to the Times of London, has declared that flying on your vacation and driving large cars to be sinful. Seriously.

Now environmentalism is indeed important, and we are stewards of God's creation, but one wishes that today's Anglicans and other liberals spent as much time on saving souls and preaching the gospel as they do fighting racism, sexism, homophobia, SUVs, etc. I was, however, astonished to read the word "sin," in the Times article. It is a sin to fly on holiday and drive a big car, says the Bishop. What is clearly not a sin in the Anglican circus is to violate the Word of God by say, ordaining women or unrepentant homosexuals. One can only feel sorrow for the godly souls who remain in that communion, and joy that Reformed folk (with the exception of the Hungarians) have no bishops to vex us with their pronouncements from on high.

I am about to drive to Nashville in my Mercury Mountaineer. So I get kudos for not flying, but demerits for not buying that Prius. Lord have mercy.


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