Thursday, July 06, 2006

Episcopal "Priestess" Sees the Light

Alice Linsley, after a twenty year study of the book of Genesis, has renounced her ordination as an Episcopal priest. She is quoted in an interview with Virtue Online that the ordination of Gene Robinson, an openly gay man, as a bishop, led her to rethink gender roles in light of Scripture. She rightly distinguishes that the issue is "not the ability of women, but rather God's design for the sexes and how, as a faithful Christian, I am to understand that design and its boundaries." She continues by saying that the apostle Paul "recognized that the Hebrew Scriptures teach a permanent binary distinction between men and women...When we ignore the binary distinctions established by the Creator for our benefit, there is disorder in our thoughts and actions, and humans become lost. This suggests strongly that Paul's teaching on gender was not merely to address a social problem limited to that time and place."

These are extraordinary words from an Episcopalian woman, who clearly sees that gender roles cannot be changed by man, and that to do so is, in her own words, "as old as the first rebellion." This awakening has cost Linsley, having resigned from her ministry as rector of St. Andrews church in Lexington, KY, but her reward is God's blessing on her faithfulness and adherence to the "faith once for all delivered to the saints."

{source: CBMW - Gender News}