Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Well now....

Or rather decidedly not well now! as my once "cured" APL (Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia ~ 5+ years in remission) decided to reactivate itself, resulting in the creation of immature white blood cells that meander about, bumping into each other and hindering wellness. I diagnosed myself getting out of the shower, when I noticed a glaring bruise on my foot that was not there the evening before. So in a panic I scheduled a blood test, and tried to think happy thoughts. The results were devastating. I was neutropenic, which means my white blood cell level was just under 1. My platelets were also down two-thirds (hence the bruising). So I trecked on down to the Cancer Institute of NJ in New Brunswick, where I was admitted and put into isolation. Tonight my wife brought up the laptop, which allows me to inform you of some of the the things going on. I'm kind of pooped at the moment, so I will let you know more tomorrow. Dr. Strair, my hero, is confident that I will soon be on the mend, or at least at home mending. "The first time was your innoculation," he says, "this time it's a booster shot." Yeah, okay.


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