Friday, September 08, 2006

Thank You, Al Mohler

One of the consistently best places to visit on the internet is Dr. Albert Mohler's blog. He is informative, keenly aware of world events, and also funny. Today's offerings are both chilling and hilarious. An evangelical Christian was arrested in Britain for handing out pamphlets at a pro-gay rally. The contents of the pamphlets were simply quotations from the King James Version of the Bible, which condemn homosexuality as a sin. Christianity is in danger of becoming illegal in Britain (Islamist fundamentalists, however, are free to say whatever they please). After informing us of this sad and ominous event, as you scroll down his page you see the smiling face of Joel Osteen (the lost child of Robert Schuller). The heading above him: "Meanwhile, In No Apparent Danger of Arrest." I laughed out loud. Mr. Osteen has never made a statement he hasn't qualified. He doesn't like to mention homosexuality, as it divides people. Perhaps like a two-edged sword? Oh I forgot, that's the Bible, a book Mr. Osteen might want to investigate.

Another great post today is at Pyromaniacs. Dan Phillips has an excellent article on the wages of abandoning biblical inerrancy. He documents the decline and dilution of the word "evangelical" via the thought of several theologians who decades ago rejected inerrancy, and now are advocating gay rights, open theism, and other distractions. It makes for informative reading.


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