Thursday, August 17, 2006

Liberal Christians: Folly Upon Folly

It's always interesting to observe the knee-jerk response of the Christian left whenever world events turn dire. In today's Christian Post, there are several articles which illustrate the main tenet of Christian liberalism's view of the world: it's all the fault of the United States and of course Israel. The World Council of Churches, along with several other useless ecumenical institutions, have voiced their concerns over the level of damage done to Lebanon, and that Israel's response to the unprovoked terrorism of Hezbollah "was both deliberate and planned." Yes, military campaigns are usually planned (unless you're French), and the destruction seen in Lebanon was a result of harboring terrorists, including them in their government, and the terrorist's own strategy of hiding and launching weapons from civilian areas.

Along the same lines, the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.'s publishing house has just put out a book by David R. Griffin, which acccuses the Bush administration of being behind the 9/11 attacks. His thesis is that Arabs had nothing to do with the affair, which is another example of the Christian left's naive infatuation with Islam, and its blind, insane hatred of the Bush administration.

A final bit of foolishness in today's Christian news: the United Methodist Church is celebrating the "jubilee" (the 50th anniversary) of the ordination of women into the Christian ministry. There are 9,500 female ministers in the UMC, and a resolution was passed that every congregation celebrate this milestone. How sad that so many are celebrating 50 years of disobeying God's Word. During the course of this past half-century, the UMC has lost millions of members, who would not kneel to Baal.


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