Monday, September 04, 2006

Moral Incongruities

While shaving this morning I was listening to Laura Ingraham on the radio. I like Laura very much, and this morning, being a holiday, it was a "best of" show. She was running audio clips of Noam Chomsky and Andy Rooney, to decide who was loonier. Chomsky won by a country mile. Chomsky is an MIT professor, who hates the United States with a great passion, and a Jew who hates Israel. One of his positions is that Hamas, a terrorist organization which, until the wall went up in Israel, was responsible for the deaths of many innocents, was an organization whose methods are more conducive to peace than America's. Chomsky is a prime representative of an modern "intellectual." I just finished Paul Johnson's excellent book Intellectuals, which illustrates over and over again in the lives of these people, how ideas matters more to them than people, and ideology triumphs over experience and common sense. He writes, "Other intellectuals, confronted with the fact of violence practised by those they wish to defend, simply transfer the moral responsibility, by ingenious argument, to others whom they wish to attack. An outstanding practitioner of this technique is the linguistic philosopher Noam Chomsky" (p.337).

Chomsky blames America for 911, and for everything else that goes wrong in the universe (this is the standard academic line). He is morally outraged by the actions of the U.S., but will defend to the death (the death of others, of course), the moral supremacy of Hamas, the Khmer Rouge, etal. What interests me is how the same outraged people conveniently ignore the current holocaust of abortion. I was stunned this morning to hear on Laura Ingraham's show that every year, worldwide, an estimated 46 million children are murdered by abortion. I thought, "That can't be right!" Every year?

So I went in search of statistices. I have always been staunchly pro-life, but was shocked by my own ignorance of the extent of the horror. For a more complete picture, The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform has all the grim details. 126,000 children a day are killed, 78% in developed countries. Where is the outrage? Where is the moral indignity? The same writers and speakers who lambast the U.S. and Israel for not tolerating terrorism, are silent about abortion, or unapologetically support it. I call that moral incongruity. One can also call it hypocrisy and intellectual evil.


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