Monday, November 06, 2006

A Site Worth Far More than Gold

One of the most influential people in my Christian life is Rev. Maurice J. Roberts. He is a minister in the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), and his humility, evident godliness, and insight into the Christian faith have provided rich food for my soul. Below is a link to the website of this particularly fine denomination, with a video interview with Rev. Roberts.

There is one congregation in the U.S. which belongs to this small fellowship, but which shines its gospel light with an intense brightness. I thank God for them.

Also: I am continuing as an outpatient, receiving arsenic chemotherapy. Today I also begin to take another drug, Vesanoid, which I took five years ago. So far I feel tired, but thankful for the less devastating therapies I am receiving. I will give another update next week, after my next biopsy. God bless.


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