Monday, November 20, 2006

Musical Women and Such

I realized yesterday that this time of year marks the anniversary of Kate Bush's latest album, Aerial. I was also reminded that I like women singers far more than men. Women such as Jane Siberry, Claire Lynch, Emmylou Harris, Beth Orton, Karen Peris (of the Innocence Mission), Suzanne Vega, Bjork, Julie Miller, Patty Lovelace, Iris Dement, Patty Griffin, Rhonda Vincent, Sarah McLachlan, Sia, Lisa Stansfield, Tori Amos, the Dixie Chicks, and countless others currently escaping my brain. This carries over into classical music as well. I dearly love sopranos, but have little time to spend on tenors or baritones.

I am home now, for a 2-3 week break from arsenic treatments. My last biopsy revealed me to be in remission (!), but I am still waiting for the results of the cytogenetic test (what my chromosomes are up to). I am grateful for the prayers and cards and encouragement.

{photo: Canadian singer Jane Siberry}


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